Developing kids into academically focused, cooperative, and faith-filled students

Elementary Education for Lifelong Success

Rose Hill offers an outstanding elementary education for your 1st-5th grader. Our teachers give each student the tools they need to prepare them for the rest of their academic journey.

Along with literacy skills and knowledge in all of the core academic subjects, we aim to give our students a love and excitement for learning that will last a lifetime.

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Highly qualified and caring teachers foster a love of learning in every child

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Opportunities to try music, art, physical education and more with passionate instructors

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God’s love and Biblical truths are woven into every part of school life

Academic Excellence

Language Arts Fundamentals

Our Language Arts curriculum gives students the foundational building blocks for success. Our elementary students are well-grounded in grammar, spelling, and writing – all of which are essential skills to be successful at the next academic level. With a strong comprehension of reading and language arts, students are well-equipped to carry out the Great Commission and communicate effectively with others.

Math without Calculators

Students who have advanced through our elementary program are strong in their knowledge of math facts and processes needed to complete more advanced math in middle and high school.

Our elementary students don’t use calculators. They know their basic facts and learn to work math problems without aids. 

Confident Reading and Comprehension

The Abeka curriculum used in K4-2nd grade produces students who are fluent readers in all subject areas. Abeka emphasizes phonics as the primary approach to teaching reading, and this focus leads to confident readers who have a good understanding of all academic subjects.

Cursive Writing Skills

Cursive writing is an important skill for students to learn as it allows them to develop the fine motor skills required for handwriting, as well as to express their creativity through writing. It also helps cultivate an appreciation for the beauty of written language which can have lasting effects on a student’s attitude toward reading and writing. Students begin cursive writing after kindergarten and perfect the art by the end of 5th grade.

God’s Love at Their Level

At Rose Hill we believe in teaching the love of God even to the smallest of our students, just like Jesus would! Our elementary classes foster a foundational understanding of Scripture and how it applies to their lives today.

Teachers present each subject from a Biblical worldview, so students begin to see math, science, and language through the eyes of God. 

Beyond the Books

Our Elementary program is much more than just academics. We create opportunities for our students to learn and experience new things.

Our students create rich friendships in their classrooms and learn how to cooperate, collaborate, and love their neighbor as Jesus did. They are also able to expand their interests and discover new things through related arts classes. 

Elementary school kids on basketball court

What Students Experience at Rose Hill

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Top Notch Academics

Challenging curriculum and caring teachers help students flourish

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Vibrant Extracurriculars

Athletics, arts, and clubs enhance provide a well-rounded experience

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Rooted in Christ

Biblical truth and a Christian worldview form a solid foundation for life