The athletics of Rose Hill Christian School are used to serve as an effective tool in helping to prepare our students for their future.  It is the desire of the school to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and moral well being of all the participants in the athletics provided.  Students will experience the opportunity of developing and improving their God-given skills and abilities in the sports they participate whether it be an individual competition or team structured event.

Rose Hill Christian School is a member of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association and is involved in the following sanctioned sports:

Volleyball       Girls Basketball     Tennis     Baseball

        Soccer           Boys Basketball     Track      Cross Country

All athletes participating in the athletic program of the school must strive to maintain attitudes and characteristics that reflect a positive testimony of the school, and above all, glorify God.

Questions regarding RHCS Athletics can be directed to:

       Jerry Foster, Athletic Director 606-324-6105.