Tuition & Fees

In addition to the annual enrollment fee there are annual tuition charges which can best be discussed on an individual basis due to discounts and annual cost changes. Fees are payable in 10 monthly payments beginning August 1. There are currently discounts for tuition paid in full by September 1 as well as for families having more than one child in the school. Textbooks must also be purchased.

4-year olds (K4)

 First child: $2,540
 Second child: $2,160

 Third child: $1,270

K5 (Full day) – 6th grade

 First child: $4,460

 Second child: $3,790

 Third child: $2,230

7th grade – 8th grade

 First child: $4,530

 Second child: $3,850

 Third child: $2,270

9th grade – 12th grade

 First child: $4,660

 Second child: $3,960

 Third child: $2,330


• When you enroll your child there is a non-refundable re-enrollment fee of $45 (that will raise to $55 on June 1; $65 July 1; $75 August 1).

• Registration fee for new students is $75. This includes all students entering K4.